Cleansing Balm

This Banila Co Clean it Zero cleansing balm is LEGIT. I have been a devotee of Mac Cleanse off Oil for years and I still love it, but I’ve been trying to make the switch to cruelty free products and haven’t been able to find a cruelty free replacement - until now! It goes on really creamy and sort of turns into an oil that you rub on your face. I have to rub it into my eyelashes to get all of my mascara off, but it leaves my skin without a trace of makeup! If you didn’t know, it’s very important to remove your makeup before cleansing at night. If you just use a cleanser without removing makeup, it can’t do its job and you’re usually left with traces of makeup to clog your pores at night. I bought the nourishing version as a backup but haven’t tried it yet, so I can only endorse the original formula for now. You can find it on Soko Glam or Amazon!! (affiliate link)

I’ll be sharing lots of skincare because that’s one thing I geek out over and I love to switch it up all of the time - but I will only share things that I actually use and have used/tested for awhile.

Clean it Zero

Banila Co