Natural Calm

I started using Natural Calm about 4-5 months ago as a part of my intermittent fasting regimen. I take it nightly before bed by mixing 2 tsp in a glass of water. It gets this great fizziness and has a lemony flavor, but not strong. Since I practice clean fasting, I don’t have anything except water & black coffee outside of my eating window. I love this little treat before bed!! Since taking it, I have had more restful sleep and more “productive” mornings. Did you know that most people are magnesium deficient? Natural Calm provides 350mg of magnesium citrate per serving (and that’s all - no weird fillers, flavors or anything else)! They do sell flavors of this product, but I’ve never tried it! I would like to experiment with some different types of magnesium to make sure I have a well balanced intake - let me know if you have a favorite magnesium supplement in the comments!! (click on the photo for a link to the product!)



Magnesium Supplement