Covergirl FTW

Did you know that Covergirl is now Cruelty Free?!? I certainly won’t try to push my agenda here, but I do strive to be cruelty free in most of my cosmetics/body products purchases. I still wear leather and eat meat, so I’m no vegan!

I love trying new products and am always on the search for a bargain so, of course I had to pick up some new Covergirl products when I found out they were cruelty free! I have been a ride or die eyelash primer user since I was in college. Prime, let dry for 30 seconds of so then do mascara. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. So I’ve been using Covergirl’s Lash Blast Amplify Lash Primer for the past few months and it’s great! I think it works as effectively as any “prestige” brand I’ve used. On top of that I’ve tried a couple of their mascaras. I’ve been a fan of Benefit’s Roller Lash (sadly, I found out Benefit isn’t cruelty free, boo), so I was looking for a CG dupe and ladies & gents, I think I found her!! The Covergirl Lash Blast Clump Crusher (it’s the green tube). It’s not as thick as the roller lash, but after about a month of use, the formula thickens a bit and it’s AOK. Also it’s thin enough you can get by with 2 coats without looking like you have tarantulas on your eyes, which is a win in my book. I did try the Covergirl Super Sizer Big Curl Mascara as well and it wasn’t great. The part where the “bristles” are was floppy and I never felt like I got all the way to the root of my lashes. So…not a winner in my book.

I’ve also recently been trying the Covergirl Ink It eye liner in black - also very good! I tight line my upper eyelid with black liner every day and this stuff stays put, is very black and glides on very easily! Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Product names all have links to Target where you can find these products!!! Photos have links to Amazon (affiliate).